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What method of delivery in the water?

Method of labor in water is a procedure where a pregnant mother gave birth to her baby during soaked in warm water under the supervision of trained medical personnel. This procedure has been shown to provide pain relief and prevent trauma to the mother during childbirth. Warm water can help ease baby's transition from womb to the outside world. This procedure is a healthy method and has been used in other countries for several years including the united kingdom, United States, Europe and Japan.

Why choose the method of delivery in the water?

• Birth of a child is one thing that can be described as very painful for the mother and traumatic for the baby. Warm water can soothe relieve and reduce pain during labor. Therefore, this can reduce the use of painkillers can have side effects on the mother and baby. Water is a painkiller that is highly efficient. However, approximately 10% of mothers who undergo childbirth methods in water in the UK asking for painkillers.
• Warm water provides natural areas for relaxing. Births in water will increase the ease childbirth. Buoyancy of the water also the broader movement and allows the mother to change positions easily. Mothers can find the most comfortable position for him during childbirth
• In the psychological angle, birth pool provides feeling to be a safe place to birth to the mother, where the water that surrounds the mother can calm her. It also can increase the sense in which the mother was still under control. Many women who have given birth in the water reported that they had experienced emotional level of satisfaction and a higher sense of joy.
• Method of delivery in water also provides a gentler way to deliver babies into this world. By using the normal procedure that took the child in the delivery room, the doctor should clap baby back to force a newborn baby to start breathing. This is an example of a shock to the baby when the baby enters the world of the liquid into the air. By using the method of water delivery in shock denied this where newborns enter the world into the normal environment of warm water first. From there, the umbilical cord is still attached to the baby to take the time to breathe during the gradual transition from the warm water into the air.
• Mothers who gave birth in the water are more likely to maintain perineumnya and avoid episiotomy stitches uncomfortable. This can reduce the effects of trauma to the infant.
• Also in the water birth, newborn still with mom in the delivery room while normal birth, the newborn will be supported out immediately. Thus, the method of delivery in water can strengthen the bond between mother and baby.

Is the water safe delivery method?

• Yes. Babies have the ability diving reflex. When the water hit the back of the baby's throat, it will trigger the swallowing reflex water and close the glottis. While in the womb, the baby is also swallowing water and not breathing. Babies born into warm water at the same temperature with amniotic water in the womb, so there is no stimulus that stimulates the baby to breathe in the water pool. During this time, your baby is still receiving oxygen through the umbilical cord and only when the baby was brought to the surface air, it only stimulated and begin to breathe. Extensive studies of thousands of babies born in water showed that the complications in this way is not higher than normal birth in the delivery room
• However, there are few reports of overseas births state in which water has a risk that the baby drowned during labor in this way. Second, there is an infection to the baby because the pool water is used as a dip. Third, there are cases when the severed umbilical cord is pulled. However, these three risks are low and can be said to be very rare. The report showed that more than 150,000 babies were born this way.

Who is suitable to use in this way?

Only the mother of a healthy body, low-risk pregnancies and single pregnancies where this does not fit into the mother of a twin pregnancy. This method is not appropriate to have a baby
• breech position
• evenness case shoulder
• denggupan irregular heart baby
• IVF baby
• mothers who underwent caesarean, high blood pressure or other pregnancy complications.

Note: You should find more information about the birth of the water on the site again. Finally, the most important thing you should discuss birth options with a specialist who can provide information and advice based on your personal medical condition.

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