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Delivery process is divided into three stages where the first stage starts with the opening servix from 1cm-10cm. The second stage is the birth of the baby. The third stage is the removal of the placenta from the uterus.

Delivery process - first stage

In the first stage of the delivery process, the stronger uterine contractions and cervical opening slowly happening. Your cervix undergone many changes where it will be soft. With uterine contractions of all, it gives the pressure of the baby's head slowly force the cervix becomes thin, shorten and open. This stage is the longest birth where it can last for several hours or from 8-14 hours. It is divided into two phases, latent and active phases.
• latent phase is when the cervix is ​​open between 1-3cm and often takes a long time, about 9 hours on average. Times vary for every pregnant woman. Most pregnant women do not feel too sick at this stage because the contractions are not as strong and not quite regular.
• active phase is when the cervix is ​​open between 3-10cm and usually take between 2-4 hours. Times vary for every pregnant woman. Pregnant women may require painkillers to ease the pain of contractions which have reached strong levels. Possible contractions every 4-5 min and longer to stop. Rate cervical opening often long for her first time and it is becoming increasingly fast for the next pregnancy.

Delivery process - second stage

At this time, your cervix is ​​already open by 10cm and contractions already at the maximum level, where you will feel significant pain. Contractions occur every 2-3 minutes for between 1 and 1.5 seconds to force the baby down and out. When the baby's head has reached the pelvic muscles, you are encouraged to technical mempraktis breathing taught in antenatal classes to push the baby out of the vagina. When the baby's head appeared at the mouth of the vagina, the doctor may make a small cut in the area between the vagina and rectum is known as an episiotomy to speed up the delivery process. The second stage takes about 15-50 minit.Tahniah, your baby has now been born into this world!

Delivery process - third stage

In the final stage, the placenta is removed from the uterus and removed. Blood clots form in the immediate separation of the placenta with uterine site to prevent excessive bleeding. This process takes about 5-10 minutes. Uri also separated from the baby's umbilical cord plumb.

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