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CHART OF BODY TEMPERATURE (BBT) and cervical mucus

What is the basic body temperature chart, BBT?

A woman's ovulation cycle can affect body temperature is divided into two phases: the follicular phase and the luteal phase.

follicular phase

• BBT between 97.0-97.5 (degrees Fahrenheit) or 36.1-36.3 (degrees Celsius).
• The presence of estrogen hormones cause your body temperature low.
• The temperature different from each other, but the temperature should be below your coverline. (Shown on the chart sample Coverline ----- perennial red line).

luteal phase

• BBT between 97.6-98.9 (degrees Fahrenheit) or 36.4-36.6 (degrees Celsius)
• Occurs after ovulation where the temperature increase of at least 0.2 (degrees Fahrenheit) or 0.11 (degrees Celsius).
• progesterone hormone secreted by the follicle after ovulation causes your body temperature to rise.
• Temperatures will remain in the higher range when the temperature exceeds coverline.
The actual temperature recorded less important, but BBT patterns that could indicate two temperature levels can give you info fertile time patterns and can predict your menstrual cycle to come.

If you are not pregnant

• The temperature remains high after ovulation for 10-16 days until the corpus luteum deteriorate. At this time, progesterone hormone levels will drop dramatically causing your body temperature down and your menstrual cycle begins.

If you are pregnant

• The temperature will remain high for 18 days or more after ovulation (if your menstrual cycle is 28 days), you might have a chance to get pregnant and pregnancy test.
You are advised to record the basic body temperature charts (BBT) to several cycles of ovulation so you know the pattern of ovulation cycle and your menstrual cycle regular or irregular. You can also compare BBT BBT this month next month so that you know your BBT pattern and can distinguish if there is a change of pattern. At least three cycles of ovulation BBT recorded so that you can know exactly when expected ovulation.

Note: This method can only be applied to women who have regular menstrual cycles and is not suitable for irregular menstrual cycle.

How to record body temperature chart base (BBT) by using a thermometer?

• You are advised to take your BBT at the same time every morning which is shortly after you wake up. For example, if you take your BBT at 7am, an acceptable reading is between 6.30-7.30am.
• Use a digital thermometer where it is most readable. You need to use a special thermometer digital basal thermometer is capable of recording small changes in your temperature. Basal thermometer is more sensitive where accuracy up to 0.1 degrees (1/10) compared with normal thermometer used when fever where accuracy up to 0.2 degrees (2/10).
• Make sure you have at least 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep before you take your BBT.
• You can get BBT readings from the mouth under the tongue with the same distance. Make sure you keep the rules the same when you take your BBT reading by following the steps below:
  1. Provide basic body temperature charts (BBT).
  2. Before going to bed, put the basic body temperature charts (BBT), pens, paper and digital basal thermometer at your bedside.
  3. Thermometer should be placed where your hands are easily accessible.
  4. You should put the thermometer in your mouth under the tongue immediately you wake up and do not do anything else.
  5. Let your thermometer in your mouth until the sound signal (usually a beep), remove the thermometer from the mouth and take a reading.
  6. Record the reading on the chart paper and plot the basic body temperature (BBT) you.

What other fertility signs to watch out for other basic body temperature recording chart (BBT)?

Cervical mucus also have a different pattern throughout your cycle. You can feel your cervix with your finger.
For example (if you have a 28 day menstrual cycle)
• 1-6 days of your menstrual period =
• 7-9 days = Dry; many in which no mucus on your finger
• 10-11 days = Sticky: where you can get a sticky mucus on your finger.
• Creamy = 12-15 days; where you can get the mucus to become whitish like lotion when you mengosokkan fingers. Sometimes it is watery. This is also a sign of your fertility.
• 16-18 days = egg white mucus; called because of its resemblance to raw egg whites. It is either clear or streaked and produce thick mucus.
• 19-28 days = Dry: where there are a lot of mucus on your finger.

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