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Menstruation comes late

It can also be known as amenorrhoea in medical terminology. Worried menstruation comes late? Pregnancy is the first thing you think when your menstrual period late. But this is just one of the reasons why your period does not come. There are many reasons that cause your period does not come. Here are 15 of the most common reasons why periods come later:

(1) Pressure
• Mental stress can affect the amount of hormone (GnRH), which can interfere with ovulation and the next stop your period.

(2) Health problems
• Menstrual tardiness can be caused by diseases such as PCOS or high fever that provide physical stress can disrupt your menstrual period.

(3) Benefits of prolactin hormone
• excessive prolactin hormone inhibits the production of eggs and cause your period late. If you feel like milk out of the breast nipple, most likely you have a problem hyperprolatinemia.

(4) Breastfeeding
• If you are breastfeeding, the hormones in your body may interfere and cause menstruation to be late.

(5) The problem of the thyroid gland
• Thyroid hormones can also disrupt your period come late where you will feel the heat, palpitations and weight loss dramatically.

(6) Changes in schedule
• This is mainly you frequently change shifts and do not have a regular cycle can interfere with your body's system and thus disrupt your menstrual cycle.

(7) Medical
• You may eat the new drug in this period is also the cause of your period does not come.

(8) Overweight
• Excess weight will disrupt hormone estrogen in the body. Most of the women's menstrual and fertility return to normal when their weight down.

(9) Too Skinny
• If you do not have enough body fat can disrupt your menstrual cycle. This often happens to sports athletes. Menstrual period you can return to normal again if proper weight back.

(10) Make a strenuous workout
• If you participate in an event such as a marathon strenuous exercise can also interfere with your ovulation. This is due to increased pressure on your body to prevent pregnancy.

(11) Erroneously off date
• The menstrual cycle varies for all women. Average normal menstrual cycle is between 21-35 days. But there are some women who do not have regular menstrual cycles. Many women are unable to remember the exact date of their periods. Therefore, you are encouraged to register in the notes to the first day of your period every month.

(12) Peri-Menopause
• Peri-menopause is the period in which the transition from reproductive age to a non-reproductive age where menstruation will stop forever. During this period, your menstrual period will change less frequently.

(13) Menopause
• Menopause is when you your ovulation and menstruation does not occur again you quit forever.

(14) contraception drug
• Contraceptive pills, injections or drugs that can cause hormonal changes in the body can interfere with your menstrual cycle. When you stop the use of contraceptive drugs, your body needs time to adapt to the changes in hormones before your menstrual cycle to be stable.

(15) Pregnancy
• Finally! Yes, you are late menstrual period may be because you're pregnant. Urine pregnancy test or blood may determine that you are pregnant or not.

NOTE: If you have taken a pregnancy test shows negative results. You should consult with your doctor or your gynecologist.

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