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IUI (Intrauterine insemination)-HOW TO PREGNANCY

What is IUI?

• Intrauterine insemination is a process to help improve the chances of pregnancy that involve laboratory procedures to isolate the active sperm from the sperm less active. Fast-moving sperm are inserted directly into the uterus wife when close to ovulation the egg which will be released soon. Chances of fertilization can be improved by undergoing this procedure.
How IUI done?


(A) Step 1
Not using fertility drugs
• IUI done between day-12 and day-16 of your menstrual cycle where the first day is the first day you get your period. You will be given a blood or urine test to determine your ovulation.
• Most doctors will provide ovulation predictor kit to detect the hormone LH Boost which ovulation will occur soon.
Use of fertility drugs
• If you are using fertility drugs to stimulate ovulation, maturation of your eggs will be reviewed by vaginal ultrasound. You will be given hormone injections to stimulate the release of eggs when the eggs are mature enough.

(B) Step 2
• Sperm will be 12-48 hours later after ovulation is determined or after use of fertility drugs. There are also doctors who choose to make 2 times IUI in a menstrual cycle where the second process will be done at least 12 hours after the first.
• The doctor will insert a speculum (a device to open the vaginal walls) into the vagina anda.Kateter small (a soft, flexible tube) is then threaded into your womb through your cervix. Best quality sperm are selected will enter through the tube. Some women may feel discomfort during this process.

(C) Step 3
• You are asked to relax in a very short time before going home.


(A) Step 1
• You will be asked to produce sperm or semen sample on the day of treatment. Sperm are produced should be sent to the selection of no more than 30 minutes.
(B) Step 2
• Sperm are washed to remove fluid around him. Sperm active and less active will be separated. Cleaning and sperm selection process takes about 1-2 hours. Once selected sperm, IUI will be done.
(C) Step 3
• Sperm active and good quality will be placed in small kathetar (small tube) will be inserted into the uterus.

Is important for IUI sperm count?
• At least 5 million sperm needed for IUI. In general, over 20 million are ideal for IUI. If the sperm count is lower, the chance for pregnancy is low.

How successful is IUI?

• IUI without the use of fertility drugs, the success rate to about 6%
• IUI with the use of fertility drugs, the success rate can reach 30%
• The number of low sperm and poor quality, the success rate is lower.
• 2 times in one cycle of IUI would increase the success rate.
• The success rate for the first time trial between 15-20%.
If you still fail to conceive after IUI temptation a few times, your doctor may be recommended to do IVF.

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