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In all pregnancies, there is enough space in the womb for the baby (fetus) to change the position / positions. Most of the baby's head position below by week 36. This is the position of the baby to be born normal and safe. The position of the baby's head was still above can be said breech position of the baby.

There are about 4/100 births, babies can not turn my head naturally in late pregnancy. If the baby's position sangsang cesarean surgery is usually done. Of this amount, approximately 3 percent pregnancy baby in breech position (breech), above which the above and baby's bottom is at the bottom. Babies can also be in a horizontal position (transverse) or oblique position (oblique).

What causes breech position of the baby during pregnancy?

There is no obvious reason why the position of the baby's head is not giddy. In other cases, the position of breech babies may be associated with:
• Childbirth that begins before the 37th week of pregnancy which before the baby will turn head down himself.
• Son of twins or more. Space is limited to two or more babies can restrict them turned down before delivery.
• amniotic fluid water too much or too little in the womb. Water that is too much amniotic give more space and free baby turned at the moment of birth. Water that is too less limiting membranes baby change position at the moment of birth if the baby's head still on.
• Problems such as uterine fibroids or are misshapen fibroid growth in the womb. If fibroids in the uterus is too large, it is also possible to prevent the baby to turn.
• uterine muscles are weak and stretched as a result of a past pregnancy.
• Problems with birth defects, including heart, digestive tract, and brain problems, such as Down syndrome, anencephaly, or hydrocephalus.

What are the signs that your baby is in breech position?

• You can not feel whether your baby is breech. But if you are pregnant more than 36 weeks, you may be able to feel the baby's head, your ribs and / or you feel the baby kick in the lower abdomen. You should see your doctor for a checkup.

How breech position diagnosed?

• During routine late pregnancy, your doctor will hold the top and bottom of your abdomen and may do an ultrasound scan to know the position of your baby.

How does the baby breech position treated?

• Sometimes a doctor may be able to manually turn the baby's position from breech position to a head down position by using a procedure called external cephalic version. If the baby can turn down before birth begins, you may be able to give birth through the vagina.

How breech position of the baby can be born safely?

• Most doctors will recommend that you undergo cesarean surgery where it is the safest way to birth a baby. But you might be planning for how to reverse birth (breech Birth). Talk to your doctor about the safest way for your breech baby.

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