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By 9 months of pregnancy, most mothers feel anxious moments waiting for the birth of your baby. Most current methods induce labor will not be much help because your cervix shut. Induced only help when your cervix start to soften and shorten. Your doctor only induce childbirth method when your baby is more at risk if remains in the womb of birth. Doctors will use drugs or techniques that can induce labor naturally to speed up the delivery process.

When would induce childbirth necessary?

• Water your membranes have ruptured but not kontrasi uterine contractions again.
• Pregnancy longer than 42 weeks.
• There are problems with the placenta where your placenta has matured and less supply of nutrients and oxygen to your baby.
• Do not have enough amniotic fluid. (Oligohydramnion)
• You have pregnancy risk factors such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure).
• There is an infection of the uterus, known as chorioamnionitis.
• Your baby is not growing properly.

How do induce childbirth?

Induce childbirth can be done by the following rules:

1. Medications:

• Prostaglandins: Suppositories inserted into the vagina in the evening. This will soften your cervix will trigger the baby's birth on later in the morning.
• Oxytocin: the hormone oxytocin is injected into the mother's body to stimulate uterine contractions which speed up the delivery process. Low doses are given to pregnant women.
Effects of medications: If too strong uterine contractions are stimulated, it causes the mother can not withstand too much pain without painkillers. Oxytocin should be stopped if the contractions become too strong uterine contractions.

2. Amniotomi / Artificial rupture of the membranes (arom)

• Your doctor may recommend to arom or artificially break the amniotic water using a hook thin, sterile and plastic. It used water trigger amniotic rupture causing the baby's head moves into the cervix and the contractions will become stronger. This is caused by water, broken amniotic prostaglandin hormones can stimulate uterine contractions and speed and childbirth.
Amniotomi effects: Position the baby may turn to reverse if the amniotic water breaks before the baby is engaged. The cord may come first. Infection can occur if there is plenty of time between rupture and amniotic water birth.

3. Stimulate nipples

It is induced naturally where it is done either manually or with an electric breast pump. This is caused by the hormone oxytocin is produced naturally when the nipples are stimulated and cause contractions begin to occur.

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