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How to Use Breast Pump Manual Breast Pump And Electrik

How to Use Breast Pump

• Read an existing directives Breastpump your set.
• Make sure your kit Breastpump in a sterile condition. If not, you should soak your Breastpump kit for 10 Minit before using.
• basuhkan your hands before inserting portion breastpum kit you follow the direction rather than the user.
• You must be in a state of berehat. You may breathe in cuba to deduct stressors before sucking your milk. Use the appropriate pam saiz follow your breasts.
• You are encouraged to massage your breast to get the milk ejection reflex.
• Before you suck at first, make sure your breasts in the middle of the cup. While vacuuming, your nipples tend to swell and elongate. If you are draining the cup is too tight, it will cause pain and breast milk supply will also be deducted. Saiz standard is less than or 32A, 33A, 34A.
• In recommend 2 times a day with each session is only 15 to 20 Minit other features.
• You suck at first with the lowest and gradually you may increase sedutan necessary to perpetuate the milk flowing. If your milk stops flowing, stop sucking and massaging your breast for a few Minit. You may connect to multiple Minit suck again after the massage to help the streaming milk better and improve the income of milk.
• When you are finished with sucking session, former Tighten bottles and store in a cool box.
• Wash and dry the suction tool touched by milk. Tiub siphon should be washed with warm soapy water and dried.

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