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Episiotomy is a procedure that will be performed if necessary during vaginal birth in which the mother will be cut slightly to facilitate the passage of the baby. Upon reaching the mouth of the baby's head vagina, the doctor numbs the vaginal opening and make the cut.

There are two types of pieces:

• Mediolateral: angle of the vagina and into the muscle.
• Midline: skin between the vagina and the anus called the perineum.
Both of these cuts make the vaginal opening larger. After the birth of the baby and the placenta is removed, the wound will be sewn with thread that crushed its own in a few days.

When an episiotomy necessary?

• birth period too long.
• baby's head or shoulder is too big.
• Content eldest.
• Mothers can not afford or tired to push the baby out.
• Babies under stress and stress
• Babies in breech position.
• Before the procedure use forcep or vacuum.

What are the consequences that may occur after an episiotomy?

• Infections
• Bleeding
• Tailoring open
• Pain during sex
• Difficulty in passing urine.
• Pain while walking

Episiotomy wound care tips

• Ensure episiotomy wound clean and dry to prevent infection and help in the healing process.
• Apply a cream or medicine provided by your doctor.
• Take painkillers to reduce pain.
• Use an ice pack on vaginal area to reduce swelling and pain.
• Change pads frequently.
• Drink water or eat foods high in fiber to reduce constipation.
• Do not delay going to the toilet to defecate or urinate.
• Do not sit too long or sit cross-legged.
• You must do a lot of movement in the home to increase blood circulation and accelerate the healing process.
• Make sure you sit in a soft.
• Wear cotton underwear to expose fibrous vagina to air.

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