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Forcep use during childbirth has decreased when cesarean surgery and the use of vacuum increased. Now, most use forcep used only when the baby's head appears or hanging on the cervical opening. Forceps and tweezers are similar to where it used to pull the baby's head gently to speed up the delivery process. If the baby's head was still in the upper part of the uterus, forcep not be used while the cesarean surgery is a good option for the baby's birth. This is due to forcep may present risks of injury to your baby.

What are the consequences that may occur if forcep use during birth?

• The baby's face may be red and bruised. This usually clears up quickly.
• Trauma in infant facial nerve may occur. However, this is rarely permanent trauma and the effects will usually disappear within a few days.
• Babies may be born with a head shaped "cone-shaped". This effect is considered normal because it is also possible to create a normal baby born without assistance.

How the procedure is performed at birth?

• Before you start this procedure, the bladder must be emptied through the catheter.
• The doctor will make sure your cervix was fully dilated.
• Position the baby is down and should be in suspension in the cervical opening.
• Your doctor will check the size of the baby's head, pelvis and birth canal mother to make sure there are no obstacles before forceps during birth are included.
• Your doctor may do an episiotomy to facilitate forceps inserted if necessary and thus hold the baby's head.
• When the forceps are holding the baby's head, the doctor will pull the baby's head and at the same time you have to push to help the baby out.

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