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Ventouse an instrument that uses a vacuum to suck and draw you out of the baby's head through the birth canal. Soft or hard plastic that is connected to a vacuum pump is inserted into the vagina and dilatakkan to her head. Baby will be sucked out slowly through the birth canal. Suction level is controlled so that the amount of suction used to help the baby's birth at a minimum. This is caused by the vacuum will affect an injury to your baby. Ventous not suitable if your baby is less than 34 weeks because the baby's head is too soft. Use vacuum during childbirth less cause vaginal tearing compared with forcep use.

What are the consequences that may occur if use vacuum at birth?

• The baby's head may be red and bruised. This usually clears up quickly.
• Blood clots may occur on the scalp where it can take up to 6-8 weeks for a baby to fully heal. This condition does not affect brain injury to the baby.
• Babies may be born with a head shaped "cone-shaped". This effect is considered normal because it is also possible to create a normal baby born without assistance.

How vacuum procedures performed during childbirth?

• Before you start this procedure, the bladder must be emptied through the catheter.
• Your doctor will check the size of the baby's head, pelvis mother, the birth canal, and the baby's weight was estimated by examination of the abdomen and uterus size to ensure there are no obstacles during the birth process before vacuum included.
• When you reach the baby's head vacuum cups, vacuum pressure will be increased up to 0.7kg/cm2 and the doctor will pull the cup holder slowly and at the same time you have to push to help the baby out.
• Your doctor may do an episiotomy to ensure the vaginal opening is big enough for the baby.
• As soon as the baby's head at the mouth of the vagina, the pressure in the cup is released and the baby will be born.
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