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FERTILITY TEST KIT, (ovulation predictor kits)

What fertility test kit, (ovulation predictor kits, OPK)?

• fertility test kit is also known as ovulation Predictor Kit (OPK) is a test to detect the surge of LH hormone in your urine. Just before ovulation, LH levels rose to higher levels in a very short time in which the mature follicle stimulating hormone LH is broken. Fertility test kits will help you determine the level of LH hormone surge. It is a tool to help increase the chances of getting pregnant by knowing your fertile period.

On what day during the cycle, you should start the fertility test kit, OPK?

• To find out when you should start testing, you should determine your normal cycle period. The first day of your menstrual bleeding (LMP) is your starting day for counting. For example, if you regularly cycle period of 27 days, you should begin using fertility test kit 10 days after the first day of your menstrual bleeding (LMP) until you can detect a positive decision by referring to the table below.
• If you have an irregular cycle, you should use the date of your shortest cycle in a period of six months ago as the beginning. For example, your shortest cycle 24 days while your longest cycle of 37 days within 6 months. You should use the date of your shortest cycle of 24 days and begin testing OPK 7 days after the first day of your menstrual bleeding (LMP). OPK may use a lot of irregular cycle until 10-20 trials to prevent escape your ovulation date.

At the appropriate time when you are undergoing fertility test kit, OPK?

• The ideal time to test is between 2pm-8pm, but the best time to test is between 2pm-2.30pm. This is due to the concentration of LH hormone in your body is very high. The first morning urine is not recommended to take. Do not drink too much water during the day and try to reduce the water consumed 2 hours before the test. This is because too much water will dilute the hormone found in the urine. Low hormone concentrations can cause difficulty to detect the hormone LH. Make sure you test at the same time every day.

What prosedure use fertility test kit, OPK?

You should read the instructions on the plastic on the fertility test kit, OPK.
• Collect urine into a clean container (such as a plastic cup). The best way to collect urine during the middle of the process of urination.
• Open the plastic and remove the test strip OPK OPK when you are ready to use it.
• Soak OPK test strip into the urine with the arrow end pointing towards the urine. Do not immerse past the MAX (maximum).
• Read the test results after the OPK strip immersed for 30 seconds or until colored bands to appear. Do not read results after 20 minutes.

How mentaksifkan fertility test kit results, OPK?

Bermuncul color strip tape at the top of the test strip indicates OPK test works correctly where these colored bands are control (CONTROL). Tape strips another color that will bermuncul in that part of the test strip OPK shows the results of your test (TEST).
• The positive results - If two colored bands that can be seen is whether dark or darker than the control band, your ovulation may occur in the next 24-48 hours.
• Negative Results - If only one colored band can be seen at the top or the two colored bands appear but colored stripes at the bottom seem to fade out of control strips.
• The results are not valid - no visible control band of colored stripes that can be seen at the top shows your OPK tools may not work.

When ovulation will occur and when you can have sex after getting the positive results of OPK LH surge has occurred?

• For most people, usually the ovulation will occur 12-48 hours after the LH surge is detected, or more precisely the 36 hours after the actual surge. You should pay attention 24-48 hours after receiving positive results OPK in the afternoon.
• You are advised to have sex on the day of LH surge and the two days after that. You may also consider to have sex for the first days to avoid your ovulation sometimes delayed.
• However, the best time to have sex often before the LH surge, but it can be difficult to predict for those with irregular cycles.

Why are you still not pregnant even if you have s*x after OPK get positive results?

• It usually takes a few cycles to get pregnant before OPK positive results achieved. Chances of pregnancy each cycle differs slightly with age. Opportunities for berhamil will decrease your age increases. If your age is under 30's and still not able to conceive after a year, you should consult a fertility specialist. If your age is more than the 30's, you should consult a fertility specialist if you are not able to conceive in 6 months. This is because the chance of pregnancy is lower and your miscarriage rate is higher. It is better not to waste time if you can advice fertility specialist sooner.

Do drugs affect the results of fertilizer OPK?

• Clomid (Serophene / clomiphene citrate) can affect the results of OPK and cause a false positive (false positive), but nothing happens Boost LH hormone. You should wait at least three days after completion of the drug. For example, if you take clomid on day 3-7, you can start testing on day 10. If you take clomid on day 5-9, you have to wait up to 12 days.
• If you are taking fertility drugs such as Pergonal injection, containing Humegon or Repronex (FSH + LH) and may contain LH which will give false results. Medications like Gonal-F, Follistim and Fertinex containing FSH alone will not affect the test results OPK. However, you are asked to take advice from your doctor about the use of fertility drugs prior to conducting the test OPK.

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