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Problem of male infertility
Male infertility is a medical condition that affects nearly one in 10 couples who are trying to conceive. For men, the most common fertility issue is the production of sperm quantity and quality sufficient, normal sperm movement is active. Here are some common problems that may slow down and harass men who tried to get pregnant:

• Expansion of the mumps after puberty can damage the cells that produce sperm in the testicles. In most cases, only one testicle is affected. Some men suffer from infertility permanently.

• varicocele is the presence of varicose veins around the testicles. It occurs when the blood does not circulate out of the testicles properly. The increase in the blood lead to an increase in temperature in the testicles. This causes abnormal testosterone levels, which inhibits production of sperm.

Testicles should move into place (undescended testes):
• A male baby starts growing in the mother's womb, the testicles are usually formed in the stomach and down into the scrotum shortly before birth. When the move was not the case, the baby was born with a condition known as cryptochildism. Usually the testicle will descend on their own within six months of his life. If it is not treated, undescended testes can affect fertility or lead to other medical problems. It affects male infertility in the future.
1. Oligospermia in which too few sperm produced.
2. Azoospermia is the absence of sperm.

Testicular cancer
• Testicular cancer is sometimes diagnosed when couples have difficulty conceiving. A malignant tumor that develops in the testicles that can destroy other testicular tissue. If not detected early, it can also spread to other parts of the body.

Diabetes, Diabetes
• Diabetes has been found to have an effect on sperm quality.

Surgery or injury
• serious trauma to the testicles can affect sperm production and may lead to infertility. Cause of trauma from sports or accidents can break blood vessels that supply blood to the testicles. In addition, surgery to correct undescended testis or hernia repair can lead to the production of sperm in a man's ability.

Physical abnormalities
• In some people, a flushed seminal fluid in the vagina during intercourse may not contain sperm. This may be caused by blockage or defect epididymis, which prevents sperm from merging with other fluid contained in semen.

Extreme heat
• Heat can affect on normal sperm production. If men spend too much time soaking in a hot tub can raise the temperature of the testicles and affect sperm production.

Too much stress, fatigue or alcohol
• One of the problems of male infertility is too much work, too much anxiety and drinking have negative effectiveness in libido. Until recently, most cases considered as psychological impotence. However, oral treatment of erectile dysfunction successfully treated cases.

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