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The most effective delivery positions to produce: a squat. Advantages of squat delivery, has long been known, but in the field of modern medicine has been overlooked for positions that are more beneficial to view and practice the use of instruments such as forcep or vacuum or other method of assistance.

What are the advantages delivery, squat?

Maternity Benefits in the squat include:

• Shorten the delivery process - the second stage (phase push the baby)
• Reduce the need for the use of aid as forcep or vacuum birth
• Reduce the need for an episiotomy
• Shorten your birth canal
• Gravity assist and expedite the delivery process
• Adding pelvic diameter of approximately 10%
Delivery, squat also bring your uterus and pelvic forward, put the baby in the correct alignment for birth. It also promotes and strengthens the intensity of the contractions, while it will also reduce the pressure from your spine.
In some cases, it will also reduce the need for an episiotomy. It actually helps you relax and stretch your pelvic muscles.

What you should do if you plan to give birth in a squat?

Delivery method in the squat very exhausting. Squatting should be practiced during pregnancy to help strengthen your legs to squat during labor. You can start with the help of your partner or with the use of birth ball (ball physical therapy). How was the husband sitting on a chair and squat wife turned the leg openings husband interrupted. Put a hand on her husband and began straining thighs. You should regularly carry out yoga exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. It will help you give birth more easily.
You should take the advice of your doctor earlier about your desire to try birth in a squat. If it is approved by your doctor, you can start a yoga practice to strengthen your pelvic muscles.

What a way to squat assistance during childbirth?

There are many ways to squat during labor such as in bed with assistance, or if you are in the hospital or birth center birth or bar they have to squat for your use. There is also a special seat to squat with or using a small chair.