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20 Tips increase breast milk

Breastfeeding provides the most complete and nutrients for optimal infant growth. Here are tips to increase milk production.


  1. Breastfeed frequently
  2. Breastfeeding with both breasts. If the baby gets tired sucks, try switching to the other breast so that both breasts are empty or baby not breathing anymore.
  3. Sure you feed your baby long enough to empty your breasts.
  4. Do not schedule feedings. Follow your baby's hunger signals to breastfeed.
  5. Allow your baby to cluster feed mainly at night before they go to sleep. Give milk in packets is when the baby is to be fed several times in a short period of time.
  6. Breastfeeding at night where production on the night is a lot.
  7. Pump your breasts after breastfeeding to ensure the breast is empty by using the manual pump or electric pump. You can also read the article on how to use breastpump here.
  8. Bogelkan your baby while breastfeeding where skin-to-skin contact helps the baby to remain aware of the well.
  9. the right breast massage technique will help milk flow smoothly.
  10. Make sure you are in a situation where a break and relax stress stress will interfere with breast milk to your baby.
  11. Do not sleep face down at night. This can compress your breasts and prevents the supply of milk. Sleep position during pregnancy is important for milk production as well.
  12. Use a baby sling in between feedings even when he is asleep.
  13. Avoid using artificial nipples.
  14. Do not take the pill while you are feeding your baby.
  15. Do not smoke during pregnancy.
  16. Drink lots of water, especially before breastfeeding.
  17. Try to avoid caffeinated beverages.
  18. Eat a healthy diet with lots of protein.
  19. Talk to your doctor about a prescription or taking supplements to increase the production of breast milk.
  20. Finally, think Think baby milk when breastfeeding, can stimulate milk production.

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