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First trimester (1-3 months)

In the early trimester of pregnancy, fetal development is still in the pelvic cavity. Thus, the pregnant mother can sleep in an independent position that can provide a sense of comfort to him. However, bad habits such as sleep position sleep face down or arm around the need to be changed.

Second trimester (4-7 months)

Pregnant women are usually from anxious when entering the second trimester. Actually I would not need to worry. This caused the baby to move freely in the amniotic water in your womb. Your sleeping position will not affect your baby.

Third trimester (8-10 months)

Pregnant women who have a growing belly will affect your comfort during sleep. Sleep position during pregnancy for pregnant women who lie and fetal safety has an important relationship.

What sleep position during pregnancy tips for pregnant women comfortable?

(1) Sleeping with tilted position

Most women find that lying on their side is the best sleep position during pregnancy, particularly to pregnant women who have too much water or amniotic twin pregnancy. Pregnant women encouraged their left side because large vein (vena cava inferior) enables optimal blood flow from the lower body your body back to your heart. Thus, the flow of blood and nutrients can be passed to your baby's maximum through the placenta. This also helps your kidneys remove waste products and fluids from the body of the mother's body and reduce swelling in the feet and hands pergelang. Right on your position is also good. You have changed position from left to right and vice versa allows you to sleep more comfortably.

(2) Avoid sleeping in supine position

You should not lie on your back because you are pressing intestine and large veins (inferior vena cava), which can disrupt the blood flow back to your heart. This can affect blood pressure for some pregnant women where the drop in blood pressure can make you dizzy, headaches and shortness of breath, but also increased blood pressure. This can also increase the risk of low back pain, hemorrhoids, indigestion and swelling of the feet and hands pergelang. If you wake up in the middle of the night and find you sleeping supine position. You do not worry because you are not doing any harm to your baby. You just have to switch back to the tilted position.

(3) Add support during sleep

Most pregnant women will also find that they need additional support while sleeping. You can put a pillow under your stomach and legs, and use a smaller pillow to support your back so you do not roll over to your back during sleep. You can also put a pillow between your knees as this helps relieve the stress of your back. If you have a taste sour stomach or heartburn, you can use two or more pillows on your head.

(4) Mid-position

Some women find that half of the position is the best sleep position during pregnancy to him. You can also put a few pillows to support your back, but avoid lying on your back. However, if you find you bergoleh back, you can only roll back to one of your side and go back to sleep.

(5) Pillow pregnancy

You can also get "special pillow" that specially made for pregnant women that can help you to sleep comfortably. If you can buy a pregnancy pillow, it will help you lead a more comfortable sleeping posture.

However, you do not be afraid to try. There are many sleep position during pregnancy for pregnant women that you can try at home, but the most important thing is that you should feel comfortable.