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Why you should use the charts baby kick?

• During pregnancy, a healthy baby is usually active baby. Baby kick count is a simple test you can do at home to check your baby's movements to ensure ample movement. This helps you monitor your baby's movement patterns throughout the day. You can DOWNLOAD HERE charts baby kick.
• According to the American College of Obstetrician and expert ginekology (ACOG) recommends that the duration of how long you can feel 10 kicks, rolls, punches and other movements of your baby. The most ideal is that you should feel at least 10 movements within 2 hours.
Note: Your baby has periods of sleep, sometimes it lasted for 4 hours. However, this period shall not exceed 4 hours.

When you can start to feel the baby's movements?

• The first movement can usually be felt between week 16 and week 20. (Depending on the movement of the baby fit and fat layer thickness). Most parents can not wait to feel the first kick convincingly. For mother for the first time, it may occur near the 20th week and sometimes up to week 25. For experienced mothers, it may occur earlier.

When you should start posting charts your baby kick?

• You should start counting your baby's movements every day of the seventh month of pregnancy, between week 28 and week 30 until you give birth.

At the time when the right to register the baby kick chart?

• You can try to schedule a kick count during the most active time of the day your baby or you have free time to count baby's movements for 3-4 hours. You also try to schedule at the same time each day to monitor your baby's movements every day.
• You may want to have a meal or snack before starting, you may have noticed that, often making baby food you are awake and active.

What is the appropriate position for the record charts baby kick?

• Some mothers like to sit back relax and hold their stomachs while counting.
• Some mothers prefer lying on their left side. Lying on your left side most effective way to observe the baby's movements. Lying on the left also allow better circulation bleeding and allows your baby to move more actively.
• You can also try beberapat minutes of exercise or walk fast before computation.

When you need to find a doctor?

• If you have followed the above and could not feel 10 kicks 3-4 hours. You should wait a few hours and try again. If after trying the second time, you do not feel 10 movements in 2 hours, you should contact your doctor immediately.
• If you feel your baby's movement patterns of the extraordinary day.

Note: Your baby has periods of sleep, sometimes it lasted for 4 hours. However, this period shall not exceed 4 hours.

Note: Infant-mother makes no warranty with respect to the accuracy of this information. Information on the recommendations and guidance for mothers. This information does not replace the advice of your doctor.

Chart baby kick


1. Write the date and time that you start counting kicks.
2. Calculate the movement until your baby move 10 times.
3. Make an 'X' next minute if your baby has moved 10 times.
4. If you have trouble where your baby does not move when you start counting movements. You are advised to get up and walk around or drinking fruit juice. Then, you can lie down and try to calculate it again.
5. If your baby's movements decreased significantly or unusual, you should contact your doctor.