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What is the female condom?
• Female condoms are suitable pouch is placed in the v4gina to prevent sperm from entering the v4gina. Female condoms merupakah one of the methods of contraception that are made of rubber and will be discarded after each use.
• female condom has a flexible ring in which a smaller ring on the end located inside the v4gina of the woman's cervix shut secretion from penis while large rings located outside the v4gina.

How effective is the female condom?
• Female condoms have a failure rate of 21/100. Spermicidal agents, jelly or cream together with improving the effectiveness of condoms to more than 95% when used correctly and consistently.

What side effects or health risks of female condoms?
• It has no side effects except for individuals who are allergic to latex.

Would allow the pregnancy of the female condom is not used?
• Yes. Female condoms do not have any effect on either male or female reproductive function. It is possible to get pregnant immediately if condoms are no longer used.

What is the relationship between female condoms and s3xually transmitted diseases?
• Condoms are the only contraceptive device that can reduce the transmission of s3xually transmitted diseases. However, condoms can not prevent exposure to 100% transmission of s3xually transmitted diseases and can only reduce exposure to s3xXually transmitted infections. Female condoms have not been studied, mainly because of the use of the female condom is more or less the same as the male condom.
• The use of male condoms do not reduce transmission of infection human papiloma virus (HPV) or Trichomonas v4ginalis.
• syphilis infections decreased 29% for the common use and can be reduced 50-71% when the male condom is used correctly 100% at all times.
• Infection reduced gonorrhea and chlamydia approximately 50% even 100% condom use every time.
• genital herpes infection is reduced by about 40%.
• HIV infection is reduced by about 85% when condoms are used correctly 100% in every time.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the female condom?

Female Condom Benefits include:
• One of the methods of contraception that can reduce transmission of s3xXually transmitted infection.
• Compared with the male condom, it may not cause allergic reactions, and the chance to break is low.
• Condoms are small, easy to carry, and easy to operate after use.

Lack of Female Condom including:
• More expensive than male condoms (about 5 times)
• outer ring may be a burden to women.
• The use of the female condom has a failure rate of about 21%.
• May interfere during the intimate relationship.

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