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Tips to overcome leg cramps during pregnancy


Leg cramps during pregnancy are painful occur due to uncontrollable muscle contractions affect the calves feet. Leg cramps during pregnancy is normal. It can occur at any time and often occurs at night during the second trimester and third trimester.

Why leg cramps during pregnancy can happen?

Leg cramps during pregnancy may be due to:
• the formation of lactic acid, pyruvic (produced by the metabolism of sugar and starch) will affect blood flow in the legs.
• Advantages of phosphorus (found in processed meat telh, snack foods and soft drinks).
• Lack of calcium in your blood stream. Adequate vitamin intake during pregnancy is important for the mother and baby's development in the womb.
• Pressure growing uterus on the nerves of your feet.

What a way to overcome when leg cramps during pregnancy occur?

• You should stretch by straightening your legs. Starting with the previous heel and carefully bend the ankle and toes. You will feel pain at first but the pain will disappear gradually.
• massage leg muscle cramps.
• warm bath or place a hot water bottle on the cramps.
• You can run for a few minutes.

Tips to overcome leg cramps during pregnancy

  1. Wear support stockings, choose a suitable and comfortable shoes for the whole day.
  2. Make muscle stretching exercises before bed. You can pull your toes toward your knees while pushing your heels away from your body.
  3. Do not stand in a long time.
  4. Take calcium and potassium supplements before bed.
  5. Drinking enough water can help prevent cramps.
  6. Alaskan your feet with a pillow when you sleep.
  7. Sort feet your calves before bed.
  8. Carry a pregnancy yoga exercises can help prevent leg cramps.
  9. Always turn the ankle and body move your toes when sitting.

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