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15 tips on how to overcome the vomiting and nausea during pregnancy

Sickness is also known as morning sickness is common in early pregnancy. It can occur at any time. Many began as early as the sixth week and ended in the late first to the 16th week baby. The main cause due to the presence of hormones secreted in large quantities early in pregnancy, particularly hormone hCG.

List shows the 15 tips how to overcome nausea and vomiting during pregnancy:

1. You can eat a craker or your favorite snack right out of bed. This will help absorb stomach acid and helps keep your blood sugar levels from going too low.
2. Try to eat junk food every two hours or all day to make sure your stomach is not empty of filling acid trigger nausea.
3. Do not forget your bedtime snack! It is one way to overcome vomiting.
4. Eat foods that can prevent vomiting and nausea as avocado fruit; protein; cheese; milk; yogurt; butter, beans and bread rubbed craker; pasta and others.
5. Comfort tired berhalia stomach by eating food. Smelling lemon juice or drink, this can help neutralize stomach acids that are able to.
6. If you feel nausea, acid can reduce nausea.
7. Avoid eating foods that can trigger vomiting like greasy food, caffeine, sugary foods such as sweets, chocolates, cakes and others.
8. Drink 10 glasses of water a day to replace lost body fluids and also prevent constipation.
9. Avoid drinking large amounts of water or other beverages during meals.
10. Take your prenatal vitamins after a meal or at bedtime.
11. Wear cool clothing and comfortable. This is due to hormonal changes cause pregnant women feel hot body that can trigger your stomach queasy. At the same time, do not go somewhere warm and crowded.
12. Keep out of the smelly odor that can cause you to vomit.
13. You can try to draw a long breath.
14. Sleep to avoid keloyaan.
15. Consult your doctor to get the pill to prevent vomiting if your nausea worse.

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