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Smoking on pregnancy risk


Smoking during pregnancy affects you and your baby's health before, during and after the baby is born. Nicotine (the addictive substance in cigarettes), carbon monoxide, and various other toxins that you inhale from a cigarette are carried through your bloodstream and affect the development of your baby through the placenta and cord center.

How smoking during pregnancy can affect you and your baby?

• Reduce the amount of oxygen available to you and your growing baby.
• Increase your baby's heart rate.
• Increase risk of miscarriage and stillbirth.
• Increase the risk that your baby was born prematurely
• Increase the risk that your baby is born with low birth weight.
• Affects the development of the respiratory system (lungs) your baby.
• Increase the risk of birth defects.

How secondhand smoke (secondhand Smoker) affect your baby?

• second hand smoke also known as passive smoke in an environment that is a combination of smoke from the burning cigarette and smoke exhaled by a smoker. Smoke of the burning end of a cigarette or cigar actually contains more harmful substances (tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, etc.) than the smoke inhaled by the smoker.
• If your spouse or any person living with you smoke, cigarette smoke can also affect you and your baby before and after birth. Particularly increases the risk of the baby such as lung cancer, heart disease, allergies, asthma and other health problems. Babies who are exposed to secondhand smoke also can reduce lung function and increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome shrink.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy?

Below is a tip-tips to quit smoking during pregnancy:

• Keep your hands and your mouth busy (chewing gum and fruit to divert your mind and forget to smoke.
• List memo reasons you should stop, and read it when you feel the urge to smoke.
• Confident self and be strong to stop smoking.
• Get support from your loved ones and also your friend.
• Keep away from people who smoke.
• wash hands often and bathing often.
• Apply for the prayer to pray to god that amplified determination and increase efforts to quit smoking forever.
• Consult your physician counseling experts who can help you quit smoking.

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