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Prevent Pregnancy - WITHDRAWAL


What is the withdrawal of the p3nis?

• Withdrawal of the penis is the process of removing the penis from the vagina before 3jaculation. Male partner is responsible and should pay attention to the stimuli to remove his penis before ejaculates. If ejaculation occurs outside the vagina, it reduces the possibility that the semen will come to the uterus.

How effective is withdrawal means p3nis?

• The failure rate is approximately 18-19%. You should take a pregnancy test if you have any signs of pregnancy.

What side effects or health risks of withdrawal p3nis?

• This method has no side effects except for the risk of sexually transmitted infection.

Is withdrawal of the penis allowing pregnancy if this is not used?

• Yes. This way does not have any effect on either male or female reproductive function.

What is the relationship between the withdrawal of the p3nis, and s3xually transmitted diseases?

• This method does not prevent v4ginal contact with your partner. Production of pre-3jaculate fluid does not prevent vaginal contact with the body. Therefore, this means NOT provide protection against s3xually transmitted diseases.

What are the advantages & lack of withdrawal means p3nis?

The advantage of the penis withdrawal include:

• This method can be used each time.
• This can be added to other birth control methods to improve effectiveness.
• There is no cost to use this way.
• Does not require a prescription from your doctor.

Lack of penile retraction means includes:

• This method is not considered as the most reliable method of birth control.
• Women should have full faith in the ability of the male to use this withdrawal means.
• Pre-3jaculate may contain sperm without the knowledge of men.
• Some men have difficulty to determine the appropriate time to use this way before 3jaculation occurs.

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