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Prevent Pregnancy

C0ntraception is a term that is used to prevent pregnancy, and it is often referred to as birth control. There are several methods of contraception that are created for women and men. Several methods are considered permanent while others are temporary. The majority of c0ntraception used is a tool to prevent pregnancy, hormones, sterilasi methods (surgery) and natural family planning.

It is important to understand the methodology for determining the types of c0ntraception c0ntraceptive method is best for you. It is important to remind you that most birth control methods do not prevent the spread of s3xually transmitted diseases. If you are s3xually active and use one method of c0ntraception, it is important to remind you that all forms of birth control methods have a failure rate. You should take a pregnancy test if you experience any symptoms early signs of pregnancy.
Below is a brief description of each type of c0ntraception. For additional details, you can read articles through links to each specific type of c0ntraception.

(A) Device to prevent pregnancy

The use of c0ntraception is a physical or chemical barriers designed to prevent sp3rm from entering the woman's uterus. These include:
• Male C0ndoms
• Female c0ndoms
• spermicides
• Diaphragm
• Cervical Caps
• c0ntraceptive sponge

(B) Hormones

Homon containing hormones estrogen and / or progesterone. The use of hormones is to prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs women each month, resulting in cervical mucus thickens the sp3rm make it harder to reach and penetrate the egg; 3) thinning of the uterine lining that reduces the likelihood that a fertilized egg attached to the uterine wall. Hormonal c0ntraceptive NOT cover s3xually transmitted disease.
• Oral c0ntraceptives (OCP)
• Depo Provera Injection
• Injection Lunelle
• Ring NuvaRing / V4ginal Ring
• Ortho Evra Patch / Patch birth control
• Intrauterine Device (IUD device)

(C) Method sterilasi (surgery)

Surgery is the most secure method. It is a permanent way and it is only suitable for women or men who do not want to have another child.
• Tubal surgery ligasi for women
• Surgery vasectomy for men

(D) natural family planning

Natural family planning is a method of c0ntraception that uses the natural function of your body and your m3nstrual cycle to calculate ovulation. Characteristics of the most common include measuring body temperature and changes in your cervical mucus every day.
• Avoid making s3x during fertility by using BBT, basic body temperature chart.
• Withdrawal of the penis from Jetting sperm into the uterus. (Withdrawal)

(E) Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraceptives contain high doses consisting of estrogen and progestin or progestin alone. It is used after unprotected s3x.
• Emergency Contraception (morning afterwards pill)