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What is the contraceptive sponge?Contraceptive sponge is a soft saucer shaped device made of soft polyurethane foam. On the surface there is the removal of the loop to make it easier to remove. It is one method of preventing pregnancy.

Contraceptive sponge is designed to accommodate the cervix and it prevents pregnancy in three ways including:
• It closes the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the uterus.
• contraceptive sponge containing spermicide to kill sperm.
• contraceptive sponge can absorb sperm.

How effective is the contraceptive sponge?
• When the sponge contraceptive used correctly and consistently, it has a failure rate of about 10/100. Failure rates during typical usage is about 16/100. You should take a pregnancy test if you experience any symptoms early signs of pregnancy.

What side effects or health risks of contraceptive sponge use?
• Use of the contraceptive sponge is often associated with bacterial infection. Contraceptive sponge should not be left in the vagina for more than 30 hours. Sponge should not be used during menstruation or history of bacterial infection.

Is the use of the contraceptive sponge allows pregnancy back if not used?
• Yes. Contraceptive sponge does not have any effect on male or female reproductive function. It is possible to get pregnant immediately when no longer used contraceptive sponge.

What is the relationship between use of the contraceptive sponge and sexually transmitted diseases?
• contraceptive sponge NOT provide protection against the transmission of s3xually transmitted diseases.

What are the advantages & weaknesses of the contraceptive sponge?
Benefits of contraceptive sponge use include:
• Easy to use and can be used immediately
• Cheap
• It does not need to be installed by the doctor.

Lack of contraceptive sponge use include:
• Does not protect against s3xually transmitted diseases.
• Side effects are rare.

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