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What is the diaphragm?
The diaphragm is a soft rubber shaped like a dome that covers the cervix to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. It also merupakah one method of contraception. Can be added to the diaphragm spermicide to kill sperm that may be found around the protective diaphragm to rise as contraceptive chance.

How effective is the diaphragm?
The diaphragm has a failure rate of about 5% for the correct usage and consistency. Common use of the diaphragm has a failure rate of about 18-20/100. You should take a pregnancy test if you experience any symptoms early signs of pregnancy.

What side effects or health risks of the use of the diaphragm?The most common side effect is v4ginal irritation especially allergies to latex. V4ginal irregularities (irregularity of the v4gina) or cervix may also increase the risk of additional unknown.

Is the use of the diaphragm allows the pregnancy if not used?
Yes. The diaphragm does not have any effect on either male or female reproductive function. It is possible to get pregnant immediately when the diaphragm is no longer used.

What is the relationship between spermicides and s3xually transmitted diseases?
Diaphragm NOT provide protection from s3xually transmitted diseases.
Frequently asked questions about the diaphragm:
Are reusable diaphragm?Reusable diaphragm. Make sure you clean up after s3xual intercourse carried out and store them in a dry container.
Is the diaphragm can be used without spermicide?The diaphragm may provide some protection against pregnancy without the use of spermicides, but these tend to increase the failure rate by 20% or more.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the diaphragm?

Diaphragm Benefits include:
• It is reusable and relatively cheap.
• It is a small and easy to carry.
• It rarely interfere during the intimate relationship.

Lack diaphragm including:
• It requires consistent use for each s3xual intercourse carried out.
• It must be fitted by a doctor.
• It can contribute to urinary tract infections
• It must be cleaned and stored
• It may need to be resized for subsequent pregnancies, miscarriages, after surgery or the like.

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