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What is the nuchal translucency (NT scan)?

• In the first trimester, ultrasound dating scan is performed to confirm that the fetus is alive, assess gestational age (GA), to assess the age of birth (EDD), confirming the baby's heart rate (FHR) and monitoring of fetal length (CRL).
• Recent studies show that the measure nuchal translucency (fluid under the skin of the neck of the fetus) and the presence of nasal bone is the (soft markers) to abnormality chromosomes. It can detect almost 90% of genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. It is carried out through an ultrasound scan performed by a specialist where or sonographer.

When NT scan done?
• The tests performed in the first trimester of pregnancy, between the 11th week and the 13th week is the ideal time to measure nuchal translucency and find the presence of nasal bone.Why NTscan test done?This test is done to detect the (soft markers) keabnormal chromosomes, some types of birth defects such as Down syndrome. It is a non-invasive test where no risk of miscarriage is not like CVS or amniocentesis test leads between 0.5-1% risk of miscarriage. This test is recommended for all pregnant women, particularly to women who have high rikiso like:
• Use of drugs or dangerous drugs during pregnancy.
• Have a family history of certain birth defects.
• Have a child with birth defects.
• Late age, mother age 35 years and above
• The use of insulin due to diabetes.
• Have a viral infection during pregnancy.
• Been exposed to high levels of radiation.

How to test the accuracy of NT scan?
• NT scan can detect almost 90% of genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. If nuchal translucency measurement increased (> 2.5-3mm) and absent nasal bone will increase the risk of Down syndrome.

However, CVS or amniocentesis tests will be carried out next to confirm the results more accurate if the NT scan (> 2.5-3mm) and absent nasal bone.Normal NT scanAbnormal NT scanNOTE: Discuss and seek advice from your doctor about this test. Info here does not replace advice from your doctor.

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