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What are the benefits of stem cell storage of umbilical cord blood?

Stem cells are cells that can be stimulated immature, multiply and develop into cells of other organs in the human body such as the liver, skin, red blood cells and others. Only some stem cells are more likely to grow to more types and specific cells from the other.
Umbilical cord blood stem cells is one of the most likely and potential in the cell body to grow to more types of cells of other organs. This is due to the umbilical cord blood stem cells are cells that begin to grow in the early phase of development of the baby and the potential given the right stimulus to develop into cells that are more specific such as red blood cells or white.

What is the blood bank and storage of cord blood stem cells?

• rich source of stem cells in umbilical cord has prompted private companies to offer umbilical cord blood bank for cold storage for cord blood stem cells collected when the baby is born. Stem cell storage will preserve your baby's umbilical cord blood cells by freezing in liquid nitrogen. This allows you to preserve stem cells for up to 10 years old and ready for use at any time in the future if you need stem cells for treatment.

Why you are encouraged to keep the umbilical cord blood stem cells of your baby?

• The potential benefits of stem cell storage of your baby's cord blood is immediately available cells, genetically identical and can avoid the potential risk of bone marrow transplant rejection and infection. This is due to a suitable bone marrow donor and matches are hard to find.

Transplantation of stem cells can be used to treat the following diseases:

• blood disease such as leukemia, lymphoma
• inherited blood diseases such as thalassemia and sickle cell anemia
• Diseases of immunity
• Heart disease
• Spinal cord injury
• Alzheimer's Disease
• Parkinson's Disease
• Diabetes
• Treating bone marrow stem cells are damaged
• Replaces Tues burns

Is the cord blood stem cells a source?

• Not. The same stem cells can also be found in the bone marrow. Both can be used to treat diseases of the blood.

Benefits of stem cells compared with bone marrow are:

• happy baby's umbilical cord blood collected.
• The process of collecting cord blood is harmless, painless and no risk to mother or baby.
• Cord blood stem cells are more easily accepted by the body and have a low risk of rejection. This is caused by the immune cells in it are not mature.
• Stem cells are also a potential match for a sibling in need

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