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Mother's pregnancy through age 30 have higher risk of birth defects?

In this modern age, pregnant women age late 30's was the highest in three decades. Many women, especially women who have had their careers going rushed wealth, position, owning a car and a home, a stable career before marriage. Not due only later married, some of which early marriage, but have infertility problems.

What are the risks of maternal age late 30's?

Several studies have shown that complications of pregnancy in older women is higher than younger women. This may be due to a chromosomal abnormality, the scarcity of eggs and poor quality of maternal age late 30's. Which include:
• The risk of miscarriage
• Complications of pregnancy termasuktekanan high blood pressure, diabetes.
• Birth defects, including Down syndrome.
• Difficulty in delivery
• Heavy bleeding after delivery.
• Increase the risk of stillborns.
• The risk of a baby born early (premature) and low birth weight.

Are pregnant women over the age of 30's with a high risk of getting a disabled child?

Risk of birth defects increased with increasing maternal age. One of the birth defects are the most common abnormal chromosome is Down syndrome. Chance to have a baby with Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormal births due to age pregnant women.

What is prenatal testing you should go if you are pregnant late 30's age?

There are several prenatal tests available to help identify or detect chromosomal abnormalities and other genetic birth defects. Tests may include:
• A blood test three musketeers (triple test)
• Ultrasound scan 2d detail
• chorionic help the villi sampling (CVS)
• Amniocentesis
Doctors may refer parents to a genetic specialist or genetic counselor who can explain the results of chromosomal tests in detail, including the risk of recurrence may be other pregnancy and what tests are available to diagnose chromosome problems before a baby is born.

How can you increase the chances of producing a healthy baby even if you are old?

You can reduce the risk of complications kehamailan including:
• Intake of folic acid and prenatal vitamins sufficient.
• Reduce caffeine intake can increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced and nutritious diet.
• Do not smoke during pregnancy
• Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy.
• Exercise routines like yoga undergo pregnancy.
• Drink lots of water.
• Conduct routine prenatal care to ensure your item in good condition.

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