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What are spermicides?

• spermicide is a chemical product in a jelly, foam or cream. Spermicide use is one method of preventing pregnancy. Spermicide chemicals designed to kill sperm before it reaches the uterus.

How effective is the use of spermicides?

• Although spermicides used correctly every time, but it has a failure rate of approximately 26/100. The use of chemical spermicides alone are not considered to be an effective way to prevent pregnancy. Spermicide should be used with other barrier methods such as diaphragm, cervical caps or condoms. It reduces the failure rate was much lower at about 8/100.

What side effects or health risks of the use of spermicides?

• There are some cases suggests that they have an allergic reaction to the chemicals in spermicides such as irritation, burns or perhaps redness.

Is the use of spermicides allow pregnancy if not used?

• Yes. Spermicide does not have any effect on either male or female reproduction. It is possible to get pregnant immediately if it is no longer used.

What is the relationship between spermicides and s3xually transmitted diseases?

• Chemicals vaginal spermicide does not prevent contact of skin or your spouse seminal fluid. It is not considered as a means of protection against s3xually transmitted disease transmission.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the use of spermicides?

Benefits of using spermicides:

• When it is used in conjunction with other barrier methods such as condoms diaphragm and so forth, is 3-10% failure rate.
• spermicides are cheap and easily available.

Disadvantages of using spermicides:

• It must be entered less than 20 minutes before intercourse.
• Must be included for each act of s3xual intercourse.
• It requires another barrier method to prevent the high failure rate of 26%.
• spermicides NOT protect against s3xually transmitted diseases.

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