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When you should quit your job & start maternity leave?

This depends on the individual and the company you work for. When you are pregnant, you may have to face an early sign of pregnancy like vomiting & nausea, fatigue and others in the pregnancy. Listed below are some important things that can help expectant mothers who work.

You should know the legal rights of pregnant women in the country you live. (Example in the country I live)

What is the qualification of women?

1. Every female employee is entitled to maternity leave for a period of not less than 60 consecutive days on each hospitalization.
2. Maternity leave will not start earlier than 30 days before confinement or later than the day immediately after abstinence.
3. Women workers are also eligible for full pay maternity leave when rates and qualifications prescribed under the Employment Act.
4. Paid full pay maternity leave for women employed by the employer for each day of the qualifying period to the normal salary for one day or at the rate prescribed by the Minister. A female employee who worked at the monthly rate shall be given full pay maternity leave of not less than two months' salary on the coming holiday in the qualifying period.

You should know your company's maternity leave policy

• Read your policy or manual jobs. Look at your contract again. You should also find out if you can add your annual leave on your maternity leave. You should ask if the annual bonus or reviews you will be affected. Check with your friends to another on maternity leave policy.

90 days maternity leave for Federal Civil Service officers?

According SERVICE CIRCULAR NUMBER 14 YEAR 2010, "in line with the Government's concern for welfare, eligibility and rules maternity leave facilities should be as follows:"
• an officer who is eligible for maternity Full Paid maternity leave of 300 days during his tenure
• officers are given the flexibility to determine their own maternity leave period of 60 days up to 90 days for each birth and
• Maternity Leave commencing on the date of delivery officer. However, the officer may choose to use maternity leave earlier than the date of delivery at any time within 14 days of the expected date of delivery.

The meaning of full pay maternity leave of 300 days is eligible officers have a maximum of 300 days full pay during his tenure. If pregnant women planning to give birth to four children, an average of 300/4 = 75 days for each child. If pregnant women are choosing to holiday delivery 90 days for the first child, a rest for the next 3 children on average is 210/3 = 70 days for each child.
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