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Female Infertility Problems

Female infertility is a medical condition that affects nearly one in 10 couples who are trying to conceive. For women, the most common fertility issue is balance hormones influence ovulation. Here are some common problems that may slow down and harass women who are trying to conceive:

Ovulation disruption

• normal ovarian cycle is very complicated. Despite minor changes, it can interrupt the cycle and prevent ovulation. In most cases, the problems caused by hormonal imbalances including body can not produce enough of certain hormones or may fail to release the hormone at the right time. Ovulation can not occur by significant changes in body weight.

Fallopian tube disruption

Damage to the fallopian tubes can prevent fertilization between sperm and egg. The reasons may include
• Inflammation of the fallopian tubes
• Previously had experienced an ectopic pregnancy / pregnancy outside the uterus.
• The presence of scars caused by surgery.
• spontaneous growth of cells lining the uterus outside the uterus called endometriosis.


• Endometriosis occurs when the cells that normally grow in the cavity of the uterus grow in areas outside the uterus, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, or even bladder or bowel to create a bad environment in these organs are not suitable for pregnant. Exact cause is not known.

Changes to the uterus or cervix

• Sperm may fail to reach the egg if the scars caused by surgery, blockage or inflammation, preventing sperm entering through the cervix. A myoma or fibroid (growth in the womb) may be a cause of infertility or miscarriage ongoing.

Defects Reproductive System:

• In cases of a very rare, pregnancy difficulties are caused by a variety of congenital abnormalities of the reproductive system can affect the shape and size of the uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, or a combination of these.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS):

• a double cyst formed in the ovary. In most cases, this disorder is associated with high levels of male hormones and can interfere with ovulation.

Harassment immune system:

• In cases of a rare, impaired immune system may consider egg or sperm as a 'foreign body', and attacking eggs or sperm as 'intruders'.

Age-Late Age

• The less your age, your chances of getting pregnant are low. It is also one of the causes of female infertility. However, many women over 35 years also have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

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