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The best exercise for pregnant women is prenatal yoga exercises, swimming and walking. Yoga exercises not only ensure your body and mind are in good condition, it also stretches the muscles, increase flexibility and strengthen joints. It reduces the risk of pregnancy complications for pregnant women, improve the health of your baby and may also assist in the birthing process. Exercise is not recommended for pregnant women are jogging, doing sit-ups, play badminton and various other types of heavy exercise.

Why Prenatal Yoga Exercise Beneficial?

Improve Physical and Mental Health Pregnant Women:

• With continuous exercise prenatal yoga, it can help relieve back pain, leg cramps and constipation. This can be helpful in reducing inflammation and swelling around the joints.
• It helps increase energy levels, slowing metabolism to sustain your weight increases.
• your pelvic bones to be more flexible than ever before. Tension around the cervix and birth canal escalated.

This helps give birth easier.

• In addition, the shape of your body can also dikembali quickly if you exercise during pregnancy
• prenatal yoga exercise can reduce stress stress hormones such as cortisol hormone while producing hormones endorphins, adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine which can stimulate
• It can reduce sickness, mood swings and nausea.
• It also helps to relieve breast discomfort after pregnancy.

Helping Baby Development:

• Techniques breath enough to help the flow of oxygen and nitrogen This will also help the development of brain cells and his body.
• Hormone endorphins released by the mother's body and gives peace menrangsang and kegembira to your baby. Movement during exercises like yoga calms your baby rocked.

The following shows the number of ways prenatal yoga exercises that can be done by pregnant women:

Avoid sexxual discursive movement and sudden movement. Repeat with the weak-and slow.

(A) stretch Alternately Arm
: You can sit or stand for this exercise. Protractile with both arms over the head, Reach the sky, first with one arm, then the other limb.

(B) Eye Leg stretch: With one foot on the face of the other foot, palm of the hand attached to the wall, tekuklah front knee and lean slowly toward the wall. Repeat with the other leg. Do not stretch until kenyamana excesses.

(C) squat: Do this as often as you want. Good squat to relieve tension to stretch the hips and ankles.

(D) stretch: Sit on the floor with the heel reunited and pull toward your body as far as comfort allows. Gently press the knees toward the floor; add a little pressure with your hands on your knees if you want.
(E) stretch body

: Sit on the floor with both feet tied. Stretch out your right arm over your right leg toward the ankle. Extend your left arm over your head and slowly Extend the right direction. Repeat on other side.

(F) Stretching Lying: Lying flat with both arms facing the side of the body. Tekuklah right foot with your feet evenly on the floor. Tekuklah left foot up to the toes pointing towards your face. Lasting a few seconds. Repeat with left leg bend.

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